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Android App (Interactive)
Please note that while this app once existed in iTunes for iPad, it is no longer available due to a recent requirement by Apple to bring older apps up to date on the newest apple products.  Since Heather is a "one woman show" as a programmer and artist, and is pursuing other new projects, we've elected to no longer pursue mobile apps at this time. 

Flederhund is a children's book about a young boy's encounters with both imaginary creatures and real places as he searches for his missing dog in Central Europe. The soft-cover version is 52-pages with full-color illustrations on every page created by Heather D. Freeman and Jeff Murphy. The interactive version is for iPad and Android tablet devices and includes interactive animations and sounds.  The project is slated for completion October 31st, 2013.

The Story
In Summer 2012, we travelled through Central Europe with our four-year-old son Quinn, and photographed his wild searches of castles, alleys and playgrounds in Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We were amazed by Quinn's engagement with different cultures, his longing for the family pets and familiar rituals, and his acquisition of foreign languages in order to adapt to new circumstances.

As our fictional story unfolds, Quinn is searching for his missing dog Barley in Central Europe. Various animals help him in his quest (cats and crocs!) while other creatures hinder his efforts (spooks and squirrels!) Meanwhile, Barley is really just a few steps behind the boy.

With this storybook, we hope to engage and excite the reader’s imagination, foster a curiosity for travel and different cultures, and demonstrate the importance of our family bonds.

You Helped Us Make This Happen : Thank You!
Through the generous donations and support of many individuals, we were able to fund Flederhund through USAProjects.org. Funding was critical to covering the publishing costs and some of the software costs. Deep thanks are due to all of the following individuals for donating during our crowd-funding drive; we're deeply grateful and looking forward to getting perks to you soon!

Adam Iscrupe
Aimee Parkison
Alan Rideout
Alec MacLeod
Alexis Gallagher
Alison Post
Allison Akbay
Allison NeCamp
Amanda Pitzer
Ankur Desai
Anne Howarth
Aspen Hochhalter
Benjamin Smith-Mannschott
Beth Ellen Cooper
Bill Bunkum
C. Michael Palmer
Carolyn Campbell
Cathy Derrico
Celine Latulipe
Danielle Donze
Doreen Maloney
Eldred Hudson
Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth Carpenter
Emily Makas
Geoff Love
Giovanni Gutierrez
Heather Motto
Hoc Nguyen
Jeff Balmer
Jim Jeffers
Juliet Huang
Kate Shannon
Kay Smith
Kimberly Malanik
Kira Campbell
Lucia Klarich
Mariana Rojas
Maura Carey
Peter and Donna Freeman
Ralph Gallagher
Robert Reeves
Ruth Adams
Sarah Munson
Smith Freeman
Smith A. M. Freeman
Susan Brenner and Roger Baumgarte
Tarra Thompson
Theodore Carmichael
Tonya Evans
Zack Stackle

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